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Laura Plancarte

Laura Plancarte lives and works in London making films and visual arts. In 2006 and 2007 she was awarded a grant from BNP Paribas and she has also been sponsored by La Colección Jumex, La Fundación del Centro Histórico and UNAM. In 2015 she presented her first feature film TIERRA CALIENTE at FICG 30 and Raindance and won best feature film at World of Film International Festival. HERMANOS is her second feature documentary.

Chuy, Chato and Vanessa are all searching for the American dream. Regardless of whether they are Mexican or American, what they want is a home. I use the word home instead of house because what these three people really miss is the warmth and structure of a family, that would give them a sense of belonging and a place in the world. They are tired of being unseen and unheard.


Through my work with them during the past two years I could see how, even though the Mexican brothers seem very different to Vanessa from the outside, they have a lot in common and what could bring them closer is larger than what is breaking them up. It saddens me that due to their basic needs not being met they are growing further apart and have rationalized today´s polarized world, by thinking and believing that the solution is to take from the other and also blame the other. I believe that, as they need to overcome their orphanhood, we too need to grow up and take responsibility so as not to repeat our history.


By making a film that expresses the struggle of both Mexican and American poverty I intend to create a bridge between these two countries instead of a wall. 


Immigration is one of the most complex issues the world faces today and one that needs a different approach, as it seems that it causes suffering the whole world over, regardless of whether you are a country that receives immigrants or that sends immigrants.

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